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AT&T Business came to us with a solution that presented a problem.

Based on last season’s experience, they know that by the time small to mid-sized businesses began to realize that millions of people might want to make holiday purchases on-line, it will already be too late to build the necessary e-Commerce website! Holiday shoppers spent $10 billion last year, and are expected to spend even more in 2001.

So their solution was to promote planning a new website in July, when even the most energetic entrepreneurs are thinking more about a summer pool service than a winter web service.

The resultant Small Business Hosting Ad – tied visually with AT&T’s current clean and elegant "malleable logo" branding campaign, now seen on TV and in major print media – shows a morphed tree ornament with the headline: Say "Hello" to millions of holiday shoppers with AT&T Small Business Hosting Services.

The Say "Hello" ad, in full and half-page versions is scheduled for insertion in numerous regional and specialty business publications most often read by managers and owners of small to mid-sized businesses. The plan early concept will also be applied to billing inserts and web banners.

Come to think of it, how ready are you for the 36 million people who will shop online for the holidays? Might we suggest a 100-megabyte e-Commerce site from AT&T Business, beginning at only $50 per month (including 10 e-Mail accounts). To learn more, click here.

AT&T Holiday Animation - Macromedia Flash (42KB)
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