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    VAMCOM appointed to build commercial business for Intellisource Information Systems
Parsippany, NJ, April 5, 1999 -- VAMCOM & Partners has been selected to introduce commercial applications for an advanced computer servicing program that was originally created to satisfy NASA's exacting needs.

VAMCOM's new client, Intellisource Information Systems, provides IT management and related engineering services - called Managed Desktop Solution - that can cut conventional costs for maintaining computer systems in half, while allowing a company to forecast all its expenses to the penny. An interesting component of the service includes "technology refresh" where you receive an entirely new computer every couple of years, and your software is upgraded as soon as a new version is introduced.

Pressured by Congressional oversight to keep an eye on all costs (at all costs), and yet pressed by necessity to stay at the cutting edge of technology, NASA had asked for a program that offers a range of options, but always at a fixed price per-seat (employee) basis. In answer, Intellisource conceived and implemented Managed Desktop Solution as their out-sourcing contractor.

VAMCOM is now implementing a totally integrated marketing plan to introduce this frugal and efficient system to the commercial market. The plan includes direct mail-- both conventional and e-mail -- to key decision makers, a public relations campaign, a promotional web site and a seminar series. The web site is tied directly to the advertising and the direct mail, and includes a real-time calculator so potential customers can see how much they can save, immediately. The integrated program utilizes traditional and interactive media to increase sales in the government and commercial markets and build recognition of the new company name resulting from a recent merger.

According to Alex Vella, President of VAMCOM, "We strongly believe that the electronic promotional opportunities provided by the Internet are the way of the future. Intellisource was savvy enough to recognize the explosive opportunities and include this medium in their plans."

VAMCOM & PARTNERS is a full-service advertising agency specializing in integrated communications and relationship marketing programs that combine traditional and new media. In addition to several divisions of the Panasonic company, VAMCOM's other international clients include BASF, Mitsubishi, Engelhard, Hoechst, Vianova and The Olayan Group.
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