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    Samsung’s SVP-5500 DX Split-Screen Super Zoom Video Presenter
Secaucus, NJ, June 13, 2001 – Samsung’s SVP-5500 DX 410,000 pixel Video Presenter offers many vital options. It lets you save up to 8 images internally for instant recall. A divided screen option lets you compare a “live” image with one you had saved, while a touch of a button gives you the option of switching back and forth between the presenter and a computer for smooth transition during show time.

“Our research shows that the most effective presenters like to have the ability and flexibility to recall and compare images, switch between media and otherwise not get “locked in” to rigid presentation protocols. So, we’ve designed the SVP-5500 DX to be extremely flexible. For instance, you can manually rotate the camera head and arm up to 180 degrees, so that you can capture images all around you, particularly convenient for video conferencing,” says John Nesbitt of Samsung Opto-Electronics.

The 16X zoom lens lets you show everything from a view of the room to the etched details on a postage stamp. Because of this wide and useful “super zoom” range, Samsung has engineered in the ability to preset 8 different focal settings. Anything “seen” by the SVP-5500 DX can be saved via an included USB cable to your laptop as either JPEG or BMP formats in seconds. For more flexibility, the included Windows 98 compatible software allows you to control zoom, focus and colors and more from your computer.

Scan-to-Video Converter is Included
The SVP-5500 DX comes with a built in 1,024 scan converter that allows you to convert data to video. This feature can save you time and money because you don’t have to buy and connect additional equipment, according to Nesbitt.

Editor’s Note: High resolution color images of the SVP-5500 DX Split-Screen Super Zoom Video Presenter suitable for publishing can be downloaded from the Samsung Presenters Press Room, at http://www.vamcom.com/pressroom/samsungpresent/.
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Samsung Electronic Imaging
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Secaucus, NJ07094

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