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    Samsung’s SVP-6000 Crystal Clear Persuader
Secaucus, NJ, June 13, 2001 – Samsung’s SVP-6000 Crystal Clear Persuader captures documents and images with 1.5 million pixel sharpness, and 12 times magnification, making it perfect for any presentation where detailed, reality-based imagery can provide vital support to teaching, sales, law or whenever great visual fidelity can aid in the process of persuasion.

“The key to persuasive presentations can be graphics and text displays that appear so real that they can’t be denied,” notes John Nesbitt of Samsung Opto-Electronics. With our unit, the audience can read legal-size type down to 8 points, even on a full 8.5 by 11 page, from across a conference room.

“And with continuous focus depth of field, actual solid objects will be shown with near photographic brilliance and contrast. High resolution “snap-shots” of documents and 3D objects can be saved to a PC for recall later for presentation summations,” he notes.

Adaptable to Many Users
The SVP-6000 Crystal Clear Persuader may be linked to a high resolution LCD projector – which is perfect companion to its 1.5 million pixel picture capability – but is equally at home with standard computer monitors, TVs, video conferencing equipment and PCs. Images can be saved as high resolution JPEG files to a PC or shown on the PC screen. Internal/external signal options let the presenter switch between PowerPoint and materials resting on the platform.

A wireless remote control, including a mouse pointer, allows presenters to roam as they talk. The SVP-6000 Crystal Clear Persuader has its own light box built-in, so overheads and other transparencies as well as 35mm slides can be shown.

Editor’s Note: High resolution color images of the SVP-6000 Crystal Clear Persuader suitable for publishing can be downloaded from the Samsung Presenters Press Room, at http://www.vamcom.com/pressroom/samsungpresent/.
For more information contact:

John Nesbitt
1-800-762-7746ext. 121
Samsung Electronic Imaging
40 Seaview Drive
Secaucus, NJ07094

Jess Gregory
973-503-1919 ext. 102
Vamcom Advertising
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