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    Sometimes Being a Bit Flakey is a Good Thing
We weren’t sure what to make of it when our specialty additives chemicals client called with a rush order to create a “Flaky Brochure.”

The flakes they were talking about, it turns out, were a colorful and unique product called Confetti™ II that can be added to cosmetic, and skin care products to make them enticing to consumers at point-of-purchase. The flakes float within the bottle, looking like colorful snow. But they also serve a useful purpose, with the ability to “carry” oil and fragrances. As you spread the cosmetic on your skin, the flakes dissolve and vanish.

The design turn-around time had to be fast -- only a few days were allowed to get the job to the printer in time for a delivery at a scheduled meeting.

While samples of the Confetti™ II flakes were being overnighted to us, we scrounged cosmetics shelves for interesting bottles, then removed their labels and filled them with mineral oil. We knew we wanted to feature the product in a nice two-page spread, so we began the layout immediately, holding a spot for the photo. The sample flakes arrived in jars the next day and we mixed them with the mineral oil in the bottles. We took our photos that afternoon.

The new brochure design – including our “flaky” photograph was well received.

As our client said “This brochure is creating quite a bit of a buzz here…and I have received many wonderful complements on the artwork as well as the overall design: My congratulations to your creative and production team.”

Have a flaky job of your own that needs special attention? Call or e-mail us.

Brochure - PDF (981KB)
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