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    Location, location, location – how eNewsletters can prove this adage true
Looking for a new way to reach customers? An increasingly popular method is to advertise in someone else’s eNewsletter. Sound intriguing?

Advertising in eNewsletters allows you to target customers based on demographics and psychographics. Newsletters are written for groups of people with common interests. Realizing this, media companies are starting to offer their clients this opportunity by assembling networks of eNewsletters to select from. Clients can choose to place ads in either portions of the network or one newsletter only, basing their placement decisions upon the subject matter of the newsletters themselves.

At this time, due to bandwidth issues, the majority of consumer-based eNewsletters are text based. The same is not true for business-based newsletters, which for the most part are HTML-based, as a result of the higher bandwidth available. By using an HTML format which offers different type faces and graphics, advertisers have the luxury of being allowed more creativity in the way they present their message.

The bottom line is that by recycling a tried and true medium, but delivered in a new media, marketers have another way to increase the ROI of their advertising efforts. Whether that message is delivered in a text or HTML-based format, by targeting an audience which shares common interests, which match up with the advertiser’s message, this type of campaign lends itself to realizing impressive results.
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