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    Dealers Can Save Big Bucks in Lost Revenues With New Sedona Office™ Service Management & Appointment Scheduling Software
Losing even a few customers can cost the alarm dealer thousands of dollars, according to Michael Marks, president of Perennial Software, which is the reason his company has introduced a software module designed to apply a tourniquet to the needless loss of dealer lifeblood – recurring revenues.

According to Marks, experience has shown that of all the reasons for customer cancellations, the one that can be improved upon with the greatest ease, is to provide the very best service possible. With the Sedona Office™ Service Management and Appointment Scheduling system, the process of handling customer service requests becomes streamlined and automatic. Customer satisfaction is sure to increase along with account retention, Marks confirms.

Putting the power of the computer to work for the dealer has the potential to pay big dividends. Marks gives this example: If you can lower attrition by only 2 percent a year on 2,000 monitoring accounts, which comes to 40 accounts, or roughly $20,000 dollars a year; in five years you’d be $100,000 ahead.

The process of taking an initial service request and scheduling an appointment through the dispatching process and invoicing the customer for the work completed is a daunting task for any organization. The new Service Management module is fully interfaced with the Sedona Office™ application so the handling of a customer's service request is fast and efficient. With the tracking of warranty and extended service contracts users immediately know the customer's status, and level of service they require.

With the online graphical Appointment Scheduler, setting appointment times with the customer takes only seconds, and allows the dealer to maximize his scheduling efficiency to maintain 100% productivity.
Sedona Office™ is a fully inclusive business management and financial accounting application from Perennial Software, custom designed for the Security Dealer.

"We designed the Service Management and Appointment Scheduling application to work with our complete suite of customer management tools so users have all the information they need at their fingertips to best serve their customers," says Marks. "We added service into the process, so you can process a service request from the creation of a Service Ticket, creating an appointment, manage your work in process through a dispatch center, and when its time to complete the Service Ticket, automatically invoice the customer"

The Service Management and Appointment Scheduling application also fully interfaces with the Sedona Office™ Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Client Management systems. With the Inventory integration, parts used on service calls are automatically issued from the proper warehouse and added to the customer's equipment list. The parts are then properly invoiced through the Accounts Receivable module, based on the warranty or service contract the customer has subscribed to. With the Client Management system you can easily view the complete service history for any customer.

Perennial Software, Inc. has been a provider of custom business management, financial applications and central station monitoring solutions to many of the leading companies in the security alarm industry since 1988. Calling upon its extensive experience, it has created Sedona Office™, a scalable application for the small, mid-sized and large alarm dealer. As a unified Client Relationship Management (CRM) application, it offers a totally integrated financial accounting and business management tool in one software package. Perennial Software also publishes Sentinel Plus™, a central station alarm monitoring software application, which can stand-alone or fully interface with Sedona Office™.


SERVICE TICKETS AUTOMATICALLY CREATED: Following a service call, parts, labor and other charges are entered in the Service Ticket module of Sedona Office™ which automatically calculates all the charges, assigns appropriate taxes, and -- with the click of an icon -- creates the invoice.

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ONLINE GRAPHICAL APPOINTMENT DISPATCHING CENTER: Sedona Office™ Appointment Summary calendar provides an overview of all scheduling, and can be viewed for all service territories, or broken down by each. Pop-Up Appointment Allocation window’s “bar charts” tell at a glance how much of any day is left to book, or even overbooked.

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MANAGEMENT SUMMARY – PROBLEMS SOLVED ANALYSIS: Understand your customers’ needs and you can service them better. Sedona Office™ reviews your service ticket data and creates charts and statistics to help manage the business better. In this example 30% of requests for help were from customers who couldn’t set their fire alarm. You can select any length of time for analysis; also review experiences by Resolution Codes and Service Tech history.

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ALL THAT’S NEEDED TO RUN AN ALARM COMPANY: By combining the financial and accounting tools with business management systems, and adding a real-time Customer Relationship Management component all in one seamless application, Sedona Office™ provides all the tools necessary to manage and operate an Alarm Company.

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