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    New Direct Payment Options Included in Sedona Office™ Software Clear Up Tardy Monitoring Payments Headaches
November 6, 2001 --- The steady stream of monitoring revenues is the true gold mine of the alarm industry that, until now, comes with a big headache for the security dealer who is faced with the prospect of collecting his fees from customers. Now a new electronic payment processing module included with Perennial Software’s Sedona Office ™ Accounting & Client Management application, can offer fast relief from the pain of collections.

Electronic Payments automatically withdraws money from the customer’s credit card or checking account and deposits it directly into the dealer’s own bank account. What used to take weeks, now takes only seconds.

“It’s a one step process that’s easy for the customer and easy for the dealer,” says Perennial Software President Michael Marks. “The dealer immediately receives the cash, no waiting, and no collections. The payment record is automatically posted to the customer’s account. Think of the effect that has on cash flow if you have, say, 1,000 accounts.”

According to Marks, studies have shown that many consumers prefer automated payment plans for recurring bills such as utilities. Automatic payment reduces work for the customer who may be obliged to write a check every month, or so. If experience can be applied, by making the payment process less onerous, the dealer can expect to reduce attrition rates, Marks claims.

Sedona Office™ additionally includes a Collections Management tool to assist in collecting past due monies owed. Customers that are past due are identified and tracked in the Collections Queue. Customers placed into collections are “flagged”, so any contact with that customer will notify your staff of the collection situation.

“The last thing you want to do is perform service for a customer who owes you lots of money”, explains Marks, “service opportunities can be a great time to collect monies owed, but only if the service department knows of the collection delinquency.”

Perennial Software, Inc. has been a provider of custom business management, financial applications and central station monitoring solutions to many of the leading companies in the security alarm industry since 1990. Calling upon its extensive experience, it has created Sedona Office™, for the small to mid-sized alarm dealer. Sedona Office is a unified Client Relationship Management (CRM) application that offers a totally integrated financial accounting and business management tool in one software package. Perennial also publishes Sentinel Plus™, a central station alarm monitoring software application, which can stand-alone or share data with Sedona Office.

Note: Perennial Software was previously known as Integra Technologies, Inc.
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