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    Imagine your sales catalog and your cash register comprising one and the same thing!
In the conduct of retail and wholesale commerce, the ability to condense the sales cycle into a matter of minutes – skipping over the prerequisite visit to the store or to the warehouse distributor -- is the holy grail.

VAMCOM delivers exactly that through its proprietary system of creating sales catalogs on-the-fly from databased information, and combining it with its automated e-mail outreach and order fulfillment system.

Besides bypassing the obvious traditional drawbacks associated with brick and mortar commerce, the single most important aspect of VAMCOM's system is its ability to reach large numbers of prospective buyers with minutes-old information. Also of critical importance is its ability to provide the mechanism for making a purchase instantly. For example, in the service of one of its clients in the alarm security industry, over 11 thousand buyers see VAMCOM's interactive sales flier -- compiled from a live database -- every week.
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