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    Perception is all in the Packaging
Our client publishes Sedona Office ™, an integrated computer-based accounting and customer relations program for business. Our marketing communications mission has been to establish a brand identity for the product.

Because it is such a complete and unified program, some handholding and training is involved for a business to convert its existing data to Sedona Office ™. In this scenario there was no need to have a retail package, or box to hold the program’s CD-ROM.

But, when most people think of software, they think of it delivered in the ubiquitous box you seen in computer stores. So, to help support the perception of software ownership, we suggested introducing Sedona Office ™ via an illustration of a classic software package. The image would be used on data sheets, in direct mail and advertising.

It turns out our perception-is-in-the-packaging idea counts for more than we imagined: As soon as he saw the illustration, the client became convinced the product looks more “bona fide” in a box and is investigating putting Sedona Office ™ in actual boxes!
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