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    Innovative New Four Channel Web Camera Server
Provides “All-In-One” Internet Solution
Secaucus, NJ, January 11, 2002 – Samsung Camera has announced the introduction of the SWC-104 four channel web camera server. This new web-ready CCTV camera combines a web-server with embedded Linux, a networking device, and a CCD module all built into the hard case of the web camera, whose size is similar to an existing CCTV camera. An all-in-one internet solution, the SWC-104 can instantly be connected to a network or in-house intranet and be up and running in just minutes.

The SWC-104 adopts cutting-edge technologies of networking and digital imaging processing, using powerful wavelet image compression technology that is 30% to 300% more efficient than standard JPEG. This compression optimization makes the size of the image smaller than other web cameras, enabling the fastest image transfer rates available. Built with both the internet and the user in mind, the SWC-104 enables high-speed surveillance images to be sent to up to 100 different locations all at once, anywhere in the world. And because it is its own web site, it even comes with its own programmable web page.

“Because the required internet circuitry is built into the camera body (32bit RISC CPU running its own internet site via embedded Linux), the SWC-104 is exceptionally easy to install and highly efficient,” said Frank Polidoro, Samsung’s National Sales Manager for CCTV Systems. “It uses the latest wavelet image compression technology, has image compression and decompression rate controls, and features built-in motion detection and alarm input. When you combine the SWC-104’s benefits with Samsung's worldwide reputation for optical and telecommunications innovation and quality, you've got the perfect solution for a wide range of security applications, including additional door, gate, parking lot, and public area monitoring.”

Key Features

• Internal/External(4ch) video input
• Video output
• Max. 30fps image compression
• Max. 30fps image transmission
• Max. 100 users accessibility
• Users homepage support (6MB)
• CCD Module : 410,000 pixels
• High resolution image (720 X 486)
• Motion detection and alarm
• Remote PAN/TILT/ZOOM control
• Image compression & decompression rate control
• TCP/IP, ARP, RARP, ICMP, DHCP, FTP, HTTP, and SMTP protocol support
• Progressive mode and gray mode for modem users
• External sensor input and solid relay
• Self-contained FTP server & E-mail sending function
• Unix & Mac. support

Samsung Camera is a leading provider of cameras, lenses, switchers, multiplexers, quads, time lapse VCRs, monitors, DVRs, Web cameras, and accessories.
For more information contact:

Frank Polidoro
1-800-762-7746ext. 507
Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Inc. - CCTV
40 Seaview Drive
Secaucus, NJ07094, USA

Jess Gregory
973-503-1919 ext. 102
Vamcom Advertising
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Chester, NJ07930

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