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    Web Gateways can help tie your promotions together
Your company’s latest advertising campaign is just about ready to launch. You’ve spared no expense this time: rich photography… four-color process… new product logo. But when the ad directs prospects to your website to request a Free Information Kit, will the prospects think they’ve gone to the wrong place?

A common challenge with sending prospects to a corporate website from direct marketing promotions is that the site experience may not match that of the promotion. With most corporate websites there are creative restrictions; you are limited to select colors, images, fonts, etc. Web Gateways, or Microsites—small websites with their own unique URLs that are used to provide information about and/or promote products or services—help solve that problem. Because they are not part of a corporate website structure, these sites are not limited in format or style and can more effectively recreate the original promotion’s intended experience, thus increasing the promotion’s overall effectiveness.
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