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    Solidify your brand identity with a Corporate ID Manual
Communicating in a unified voice to the outside world is the most effective way for organizations to establish and strengthen their brand identity. But with widely scattered offices and inevitable employee turnover, enforcing unified communications can be a daunting task.

VAMCOM helps its clients communicate in a unified voice to the outside world and strengthen their brand identity with the creation of a Corporate ID Manual. Corporate ID Manuals provide general guidelines and detailed specifications for both a company’s visual identity and its messaging. Elements of a Corporate ID Manual can include:

• Logo usage guidelines
• Color usage guidelines
• Established taglines and mission statements
• Stationery templates
• Business form templates
• Business letter templates
• Typography styles
• Promotional material guidelines

A corporation’s brand identity is a valuable asset and an important resource. By focusing on the unified communication of brand identity through the establishment of a Corporate ID Manual, organizations increase their ability to leverage this vital asset to its fullest extent.

Three more example pages:

The Importance of Corporate Identity Letter - JPG (153KB)
Business Letter Template - JPG (76KB)
Typography Styles - JPG (164KB)
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