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    Enhance Web Usability With Simplified Site Navigation
“Don’t Make Me Think” is the title of a best-selling book on web usability by leading website consultant Steve Krug. In his book Krug states “People won’t use your website if they can’t find their way around it.” In today’s climate of fast-paced business, the value of having a user-friendly website is more important than ever.

A recent study found that a third of online banking customers closed their accounts within a year. Half said it was because the site was too difficult to navigate. This is a common problem for many businesses, and the costs include customer acquisition, conversion and loyalty.

Is your website easy to navigate? Here are a few points to keep in mind when evaluating your site’s usability:

Make sure your site structure is logical and intuitive
Put yourself in the shoes of the user and think of what they are visiting your site for. Then ask yourself if there is a clear and logical path for them to find it.

Don’t make a web page too cluttered; let the main point stand out
If a user is not sure where to start on a page, they may leave the page without having found what they were looking for. Make key messages and copy points prominent and replace general phrases with precise, targeted language.

Reduce the number of clicks it takes to get to important information
Remember, simpler is better.
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