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    New Technology Enables Marketing Managers to Take Control of Their Website Content With “One-Click” Updates
Parsippany, NJ – Vamcom Advertising has announced the release of Content Management Application (CMA), a new technology that puts the power of website updates in the hands of marketers. CMA’s powerful, easy-to-use interface enables “one-click” updates of website content via a standard web browser, allowing marketing managers to ensure their online presence is always fresh and inviting, while saving time and money on costly HTML programming.

There’s recognition in the corporate community that a website whose content is not being managed on an ongoing basis is nothing more than a static brochure that starts becoming outdated on the first day that it’s printed. This demand for control from the corporate end user segment has motivated Vamcom — under its motto of Smart Marketing with Technology™ — to develop an application that gives back content management to the website owners.

Content management can mean many things, from the complicated—like having sophisticated programmers on staff to churn away at content on a daily basis—to the simple, utilizing breakthrough applications like those developed by Vamcom. CMA allows marketing managers and end users to correct, update, add and delete information themselves, directly from their desktops using nothing more than a standard web browser. The new content then automatically formats into the design of the website. This valuable capability saves the website owner a considerable amount of time and programming dollars over the long term.

Works for Multilingual Websites

The CMA solution has evolved into solutions for unique problems inherent in multilingual websites. Software exists which attempts to automatically translate content from one language to another, yet certain problems remain. Vamcom has approached the solution not though tricky conversion matrixes, but through direct link technology. CMA has been developed so that websites mirrored in other languages can be managed in the same manner as the primary language site. VAMCOM makes allowances in website design for languages that diverge from the more common languages. For example, for Arabic-mirrored sites, Vamcom builds mirror templates to accommodate the right-to-left method of the Arabic writing. As the content is typed in using language-specific software, it is automatically formatted into predetermined templates.

Vamcom is a leading advertising, public relations, and new media agency specializing in integrated communications and relationship marketing programs that combine the best of traditional marketing with the best of the digital age.

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