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    Nylon-MXD6 Has Proven to Greatly Enhance Gas Barrier Properties of Multilayer and Blend PET Bottles
October 30, 2002 The use of Nylon-MXD6 in PET bottle applications has proven to greatly improve gas barrier properties for both multilayer and blend PET bottles. Because of its processability, recyclability, moderate adehesion to PET layers, and total cost, Nylon-MXD6 is a perfect complement to barrier protection in PET bottle applications for tea, juice, carbonated soft drinks or beer.

Nylon-MXD6/PET multilayered bottles, made by co-injection molding and stretch blow molding, improve on the gas barrier properties of stretched PET bottles which have a mechanical strength, pressure resistance and transparency equivalent to those of single-layer PET bottles. Nylon-MXD6/PET multilayered bottles can be made thinner and achieve equal protection of a single-layer PET bottle. Nylon-MXD6/PET multilayered bottles can thus be compacted readily and are anticipated to contribute to volume reduction and resource savings in the recycle stream.

These bottles are currently being used for carbonated beverages, juices, salad dressings, condiments, bottled water and beers worldwide. The demand for these bottles has been expanding rapidly due to the properties and functionality of Nylon-MXD6.

Nylon-MXD6 Features
Excellent Gas Barrier
the best gas barrier property of all nylon resins
better gas barrier over EVOH in a humid atmosphere
Superior Recyclability
easy to recycle without any gel formulation or decomposition
Good Processability
easy to be stretched and/or thermoformed because of the moderate crystallization speed
Good Retortability
keeps excellent gas barrier property even after retorting or boiling treatment
Various Combination with Other Polymers
easy to manufacture multilayered containers by coextrusion or coinjection combination with other polymers
Improvement for Other Nylons (Polyamides)
improve properties and/or processing window for other nylons

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