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    Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc. Offers Highly Reactive Amine That Results in a Superior Cost/Performance Ratio
September 5, 2002 - Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc. is offering formulators with one of the most highly reactive amines that can provide superior performance at a more effective cost. 1,3-BAC (Bis Aminomethyl Cyclohexane) is a cycloaliphatic diamine, which is a hydrogenated form of MXDA. It is often used as a chemical intermediate or an epoxy curing agent where color fastness and high amine reactivity are required.

The highly reactive nature of this amine originates from its molecular structure. The position of the methylene group provides the freedom in movement. 1,3-BAC offers outstanding chemical resistance, and surface protection from water, alcohol, solvents and acids. Indoors, it allows epoxy curing systems to dry quickly at room temperature. Outdoors, work can continue on rain-damp substrates, and it will cure quickly at low temperatures -- allowing for a longer outdoor season. The economical formulations result in a superior cost/performance ratio.

The chemical formulation for 1,3-BAC (Bis Aminomethyl Cyclohexane) is H2NH2C-[H] -CH2NH2. As an epoxy resin curing agent its applications are protective coatings for floors and adhesives in civil engineering.
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. - a leading chemical company in Japan.

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