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    New Samsung CCTV Cameras Are Perfect For Bank ATM Sites
Secaucus, NJ, February 4, 2003 – Samsung Camera has introduced a new line of CCTV Cameras that provide exceptional images in severe lighting conditions, such as those experienced at Bank ATM sites and drive-through windows where blinding sunlight may strike at opposite angles throughout the day.

Employing “Super Vision II” Wide Dynamic Range technology, Samsung’s SHC Series cameras take an intelligent “look” at the scene and initiate two shutter speeds – one for the bright areas and one for the dark areas – then form a composite picture with a bright, balanced image. This Wide Dynamic Range finally overcomes the typical ATM surveillance situation where sunshine and stray headlamps can “white out” much of the image, or where automated over compensation generates a dark, muddy foreground.

“Samsung’s SHC Series cameras are a good fit for any indoor or outdoor surveillance application where there are large fluctuations in light, such as lobbies or terminals that contain alot of glass,” said Frank Polidoro, Samsung’s National Sales Manager for CCTV Systems. “But our bank customers are telling us they’re especially effective for ATM monitoring, where lighting conditions can go from one extreme to another very quickly. Additionally, our cameras have no limitation of BLC zone, so they provide an extra element of performance that standard BLC cameras can’t match.”

Samsung’s SHC Series color CCD cameras come with a complete 3-year warranty.

· 1/3" double scan CCD, 768(H) X 494(V)
· Super Vision II DSP Wide Dynamic Range
· Day & Night switching(Color: 0.8lux, BW: 0.1lux)
· Motion detection function
· Max. 128X electronic sensitivity operation
· High resolution more than 480 TV lines
· On screen display
· Remote control available

Samsung Camera is a leading provider of cameras, lenses, switchers, multiplexers, quads, time lapse VCRs, monitors, DVRs, Web cameras, and accessories.
For more information contact:

Frank Polidoro
1-800-762-7746ext. 507
Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Inc. - CCTV
40 Seaview Drive
Secaucus, NJ07094, USA

Jason Maston
973-503-1919 ext. 109
Vamcom Advertising
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