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    The Launch of SafetyCare Creates a New Product Category in Family Safety, Wellness and Security
Parsippany, NJ – Vamcom Advertising was charged with developing a strategic marketing plan for the launch of a new company which effectively created a new category in home security for the family. Their specialized offering includes traditional security monitoring in addition to safety, security, psychological and wellness counseling, as well as medical emergency support.

The company is SafetyCare™ and this is the first time that all these services are being offered under one, all-encompassing umbrella.

SafetyCare is a new paradigm in life safety and wellness and it has been Vamcom’s challenge to persuade potential customers that the services SafetyCare offers are not simply valuable to their quality of life, but a necessity to their well-being.

This is always one of the most imposing challenges when launching a new product or service, as one needs to create a shift in opinion by convincing the end user that a given product is not just a “Nice to Have” but a “Need to Have” proposition.

The first challenge has been to differentiate SafetyCare in the marketplace. There are numerous passive security monitoring companies, so it has been our task to communicate what makes SafetyCare different. In executing this tactic we communicate the fact that beyond all the additional services offered such as health and wellness counseling, the very people providing counseling are more qualified than one is likely to find at traditional home security companies.

One major contributing factor is the fact that SafetyCare’s dispatching Associates are recruited from the ranks of experienced first responders and include licensed nurses, policemen, firemen and EMS personnel and are generally paid three times the rate of the industry norm.

This was one of the key messages that we utilized when developing the marketing strategy, brand identity, direct mail collateral, advertisements and executing supporting public relations in order to build brand recognition for the company. This has proven to be a successful strategy to help grow SafetyCare’s overall business and the company continues to see positive growth.

Launching new companies or new categories of companies is a definite challenge. One distinct hurdle is overcoming the fact that a new enterprise will consistently be compared to others which are not really in the same market. Generally, the public and the media need a way to categorize a given company and as a result a new company can often be categorized incorrectly which can stifle its growth and tell the wrong story.

That is where a strategic marketing and communications agency comes into play. A smart agency must work creatively in order to position a new category enterprise, so that what differentiates them form their competitors is clear and so that they exploit their competitive edge. That is exactly what Vamcom Advertising did for SafetyCare and the company continues to see remarkable growth.
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