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    Databases. Why Put them on Your Site
Databases can provide much more information than traditional pages and are easier to keep up. Installing a database on its website may offer a business a means of providing its customers with quick and easy access to accurate, complete and up-to-date information. Used effectively, it will manage and deliver product information to global markets via the web.

But, be warned: Presently they can be expensive and not cost effective for most, but they are improving in great leaps and bounds. They are also hard to incorporate; the use of expensive database programming "specialists" is almost always required at this time.

In the long term, we believe companies that provide buyers and decision makers with a fast and efficient way to access accurate and up-to-date product information will be among the first to gain a competitive advantage on-line.

With emphasis on user "dialogue" rather than seller "monologue", interactive databases are ideally suited to building and strengthening relationships. When you establish relationships with your customers, you progress from wondering what they will think to being able to ask them about it directly.


A common process is known as a parametric search. A parametric search is one in which a user selects parameters or attributes of a product to query a structured database.

When you select on a desired feature, a database query is performed and the interface is immediately updated to show only the other features still available for selection. As users continue to select key search terms, the program instantly updates available product features incrementally until a single product choice is isolated.

From the blossoming of database marketing in the 1980s, smart marketers have progressed to being "database driven" by making their database the center of their marketing programs, enabling companies to provide better service to customers.
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