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    Applying Corporate Identity to Your Website
By assuring that your site is integrated with your company's corporate identity and marketing plan, you'll be assuring that visitors feel at home and that you get the most bang for your buck.

Sometimes it seems that when a business plans a website they go about it as if the right hand doesnít know what the left is doing. A website should be creative as well as informative, of course, but it can tax the limits of corporate identity knowledge to figure out how to make a website look interesting and still look like YOUR site.

Unfortunately, too many web designers are totally ignorant of the importance of maintaining a unified corporate identify. Basically, theyíre only interested in whatís "cool" this week. Clients are left with a nagging question: Yeah, itís flashy, but is it ME? Even worse, customers are left thinking, Yeah, its flashy, but WHO is it.

When youíve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate and brand identity, you donít want some person untrained in corporate ID stratagem to turn your web presence into something that looks like a decal for a skateboard.
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