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    How to make a Paperless Decision
Using graphic files to make a paperless marketing decision can not only save trees, it can speed up your business day considerably. Here's just one example:

During a telephone planning session for a trade show, we discussed the possibilities with our client for modifying the design of the show booth - just enough to visually tie new graphics with a special pre-show mailing, but not so much that it required the construction of a completely new booth.

We thought we could do it. They did not.

"Show us what you're talking about," they said "Maybe then we'll change our minds."

We asked our design department for a solution. They whipped out a model in 3-D, then posted it on our agency network. We attached a note and e-mailed the design to the client, then went to lunch.

Here's what it looked like:

The client e-mailed back, "We're convinced. Let's modify the booth."

Between the original telephone call and the final OK not one single piece of paper was created. Time spent: Roughly five hours. Had we used paper and an express delivery service the decision process would have taken three or four days. Oh, yes. Our client is 1,000 miles away.
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