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    Are You Getting a Good Return on Your Trade Show Investment?
At the end of a trade show you should ask yourself one basic question: Do I have in hand a list of companies and individuals that are interested in buying my products?

If the answer is no, then its time to rethink your trade show strategy and tactics. When the average U.S. company is spending 16.5 cents out of every marketing dollar for trade show participation you better be getting your money's worth.

Multiply Results with this Triple Play

The best trade show strategies start with a pre-conceived plan built around a central theme, and are designed to meet clearly defined objectives. They are most effective when executed in three phases:


Invitations to visit your booth. Excite potential visitors with "teaser" copy about a new product or formulation; offer a gift for showing up, tell them about a contest or grand prize drawing you're holding at the Show. Research shows that this kind of an approach - a mailing in advance offering a premium - will get results! However, be sure to give prospects a method for contacting you in case they don't attend the show.

When planning your promotion, test it against whether it dramatizes a message your prospects will remember; and, will the promotion attract the kind of people you want to attract to your booth?

At Show

Hold a booth activity: a contest, showing an instructional video, or set up a computer-based interactive presentation that invites visitors to apply your products to their applications and see results in real time. If you're planning to hold a grand prize drawing, offer several smaller drawings, or "qualifying rounds" every few hours to maintain interest and keep booth traffic flowing.


Enter all sales leads generated and inquiries received into a sales database. Act on the leads that need immediate attention and distribute to appropriate personal for prompt follow-up.

Good prospects: a good plan with specific goals will net the results you're looking for.
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