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VAMCOM successfully integrates new media marketing methodologies with its creative strengths and broad media capabilities to deliver a better mousetrap - smart marketing with technology. The Internet has created many marketing opportunities for our clients and the challenge is how to develop the right mix for the situation at hand.

To reach a large consumer community, one which includes a primary interest group, a marketing plan that VAMCOM conceived centered around the implementation of a promotional website that catered to the special interests of the primary interest group.

Contents and activities within the site were designed to cause the audience to go to the site on a repeat basis. An example of this is money-off coupons that can be downloaded and applied toward purchase at a retailer. Among the tactics that VAMCOM applied as part of the strategy to drive prospects to the site were:

Banner advertising. On sites that have a related activity, run advertising campaign that directly links to the dedicated promo site.

"Search keyword" marketing. Cause anyone can do a search of related words on an Internet search engine to see a reference to the site and a direct link.

Sponsorship of special community sites. Taking a sponsorship position in sites that cater to the special interest of the targeted group. The sponsorship delivers a link to the promotional site.

E-mail broadcasting. Distribute e-mail letters to a database of known interest contacts to lead/hot link them to the promotional site.

From these marketing activities VAMCOM and its clients accomplish the following results:

1. Building of brand awareness and goodwill within the special interest group.

2. Drive sales through the distribution of discount coupons. Retailers see this as a dynamic merchandising activity in support of the product.

3. Generate direct inquiries to promote cross selling of products.

To find out more about Smart Marketing with Technology e-mail Jess Gregory at jess@vamcom.com
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