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    Improve Results with Advanced Distribution Methods - Save $3000 in the Bargain
Adobe technology devised for digital document portability can offer advantages in unexpected ways.

For instance, recently we wanted to distribute advance press review copies of a product catalog for a new line of Industrial-strength batteries. But, the catalog had not been printed yet! We could have assembled hand-made mock-ups of the catalog, and sent them to the editors, but that would have cost our client a little more than $3,000. Budgets were tight. He'd have none of that! Besides, when all is said and done, such mock-ups usually don't look so great.

Then we suggested the use of Adobe Acrobat technology, most popularly used to provide one-page data sheets and such in a compressed format over the Internet. Acrobat also allows you to compress much more complex documents, including, in this case, the entire 16-page catalog, with big color pictures. Employing this technology, we were able to squeeze the original 86 megabyte production file into an incredibly small 1.1 megabytes -- small enough to fit on a floppy disk. And, that's what we did.

In the press package, editors were furnished with the traditional 35mm color photograph of the catalog cover, but they were also invited to use Acrobat to "open" the catalog and look it over from the floppy disk. They could even select digital "snap shots" of its contents, and use them for their layouts. (download sample at bottom of page).

The result: We accelerated the publicity cycle by about six weeks, assuring that the stories about the catalog would be published at the time it was coming from the binders. E-mail Jess Gregory at jess@vamcom.com if you've got a new catalog or brochure you want to promote.

Panasonic Industrial Batteries Catalog
(Adobe Acrobat Format - 1.1MB)
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