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    Making the most of your Web Presence
Just because you put up a web page, doesn't mean that customers are going to visit and purchase your products and services. A good web page should be as carefully planned and integrated as any other marketing program component. Remember that your web page is a sales tool and the goal is to get sales not just hits. Below are a few ideas from the web experts at VAMCOM to help you build a better website.

Include sales and marketing people in your site planning.

Ask sales pros what they want to get from the Web page initiatives and they will tell you simply, "sales." They'll help your focus stay on results. Web page design should be interesting, simple to use and most of all, functional and quick. You should keep that in mind throughout the development process.

Give users a reason to visit your site.

Most users of the Internet view it as a reference tool. They visit sites that have products and information that interests them, therefore the goal should be to provide content that is engaging to the potential consumers of the product or service. If you sell fishing lures, focus your content on fishing officianatos, make it useful and update the information often. People that visit a site that is boring typically don't visit again. And remember to make sure it is easy to read, navigate and figure out where to go to make a purchase.

Get the word out.

The final word in our website lesson is PROMOTION. After you develop a site that is SALES focused and INTERESTING you have to let users know it is available. There are many ways to promote the availability of a Web site. Placing the URL on business cards, ads and brochures is a good start, but it is not enough.

Submitting your site to search engines with the proper use of Meta Tags and body text helps achieve superior placement and visibility and should be your first stop. When a user searches on "fishing" on a search engine, our fishing lure manufacturer would appear with a direct link to the site. A banner advertisement on popular related sites is another good way to build traffic on your site.

The moral to our website story is simple.

Focus on the goal to build sales, give the users a reason to visit your site and promote your site so users know where to find it. To find out more about VAMCOM's website design, development and hosting services e-mail Jess Gregory at jess@vamcom.com
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