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    Start the New Year Off with a Free Brand Audit
Have you evaluated your brand identity lately? With all the new media options and the wave of corporate consolidation, strong corporate identity is more important than ever.

VAMCOM has years of experience helping small to large organizations evaluate, establish and improve their corporate brands. We'll provide a comprehensive evaluation of your brand in the marketplace and offer a proposal for how to strengthen your brand value. This is a free offer with no obligation.

Your corporate brand should convey the personality of the organization and what it stands for across all outreach programs. All interactions and communications including employees and customers convey the value of a company's brand.

Corporate branding is not just about whether or not people recognize your slogan; it is about the feelings an audience has about your company. A strong brand goes a long way toward customer retention and new sales.

VAMCOM's approach to brand building is systematic, effective and based on the following steps:

1. Interpret feedback from evaluation

2. Develop creative theme that integrates graphic and copy standards and provides immediate recognition of your core message

3. Apply core positioning and creative theme across programs, VAMCOM will help you build equity to the brand awareness you are building

4. Integrate messages across all programs including HR, lead generation, investor, and more

5. Explore all tactical options for delivering message to identify opportunities to serve objectives

To jump-start your 1999 plans and receive your free brand audit e-mail Alex Vella at apv@vamcom.com
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