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We had already been getting very good results with a newsletter for plastics designers that we produce for a client, but when we linked it to other media, the results were spectacular! If you are already producing a newsletter, maybe this tactic will work for you too.

We craft every story in The VinylWord, a colorful newsletter prepared for Colorite Polymers, so it features an outstanding benefit of one of the company's many PVC compounds. Mailed to several thousand select plastics engineers, the quarterly publication already pays for itself many times over in new business inquiries.

Recently, rather than place a typical advertisement, we had the VinylWord inserted in Plastics News which is a popular tabloid read by 60,000 movers and shakers in the plastics industry. We timed the distribution to coincide with the opening of Colorite's Internet Site, which we designed as a marketing platform. (Visitors to the site are introduced to Colorite's products via benefits they can offer market segments, rather than simply by chemistry) The Internet address was naturally featured prominently in the VinylWord.

Our monthly Internet access report illustrates the results: Traffic to Colorite's site increased dramatically. Most inquiries were product and application specific and included plenty of qualifying information. Most importantly, inquiries included many requests from well-established companies for joint development in new product areas offering high margin possibilities - the marketing Holy Grail for any chemical company.

Download "The VinylWord" (Adobe Acrobat Format - 181KB)

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