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The Olayan Group is a multi billion dollar multi-national Saudi Arabian company involved in investing, real estate, manufacturing and distribution of thousands of products. This vast enterprise challenged VAMCOM to produce a vest pocket brochure that conveyed information about all of the business they own.

VAMCOM's designers set out to consolidate pages and pages of information onto a 8.5 x 17-inch fold-out. The resulting piece verifies the old adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words". The art was conceived to summarize all the information that would otherwise be necessary to convey the same message.

VAMCOM's design incorporated images of the familiar household name products to show the far-reaching influence of The Olayan Group of companies. Global highlight illustrations were used to demonstrate the areas where Olayan operations are central. The result was a dramatic demonstration of the coverage of this multi-national powerhouse that fits in your pocket. To find out about VAMCOM's marketing communication capabilities, e-mail chris@vamcom.com

"The vest pocket sized brochure" (Adobe Acrobat Format- 378KB)
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