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    Cost savings on creative work
When Panasonic launched its PC memory card, VAMCOM had two initial recommendations. First, give the product a meaningful name. VAMCOM developed "Mega Storage Device." Second, deploy an entire integrated marketing plan to make the creative dollars work across all the media we could use.

One of the first items that needed to be produced was a one minute video for a tradeshow presentation. All the creative work that went into developing the video was used across the entire campaign to present a cohesive message and save on creative development costs.

The video was saved onto a CD-ROM that became the trade show give-away and direct mail piece

One of the strongest graphic images, a robot inserting the card into his head, was used in print ads, on a direct mail piece and on tee shirts.

This campaign demonstrates what VAMCOM always recommends to clients - integrated marketing efforts. By integrating the efforts at the on-set of the plan, creative costs can be shared across projects and the message is consistent. For more information about integrated marketing efforts, e-mail chris@vamcom.com

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