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    How to make a trade show splash, without a booth.
Trade shows can be tremendous places to meet and greet new prospects, but nobody can afford to have a big booth presence at every show. That's the problem the battery group at Panasonic faced when the Photo Marketing Association show arrived on the horizon.

Our client had reserved a conference room off the main floor, and did have a single product display panel we developed for them on the sister divisions' massive electronics and cameras booth. But, for all intents and purposes, it was destined to be a pretty meager showing for the battery guys.

Our solution, make a trade show splash with a splash page!

We came up with the theme "Turbocharge your camera" and prepared a bold brochure that told how the batteries can help cameras flash longer and brighter.

The brochure, with personal letters were sent to 1,000 key show attendees, in advance. Featured prominently was the web address to an internet "splash page" developed solely to summarize the battery.

The splash page became a virtual booth, summarizing the product's strengths and offering links to technical data already available on the corporate site.

We placed Turbocharge ads in the show's daily magazines.
Press Interviews were arranged with photography trade papers.

The result: Hampered with no booth, our client still got plenty of attention.

RapidFlash™ brochure (Adobe Acrobat Format- 380Kb)
RapidFlash™ Ad (Adobe Acrobat Format- 151Kb)
RapidFlash™ Ad (JPG Format- 82Kb)
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