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    Time-lapse photography "shows and tells" a new product story
Most print ads focus on a single idea seen taking place in a single moment. But what if the idea you need to share depends on time to tell the story?

That's precisely the situation we faced with a new product being introduced by our client Spartech Polycom. A new vinyl compound they are developing forms a thick protective char layer when exposed to flames. The thick char buildup forms an efficient heat barrier.

"People are amazed when we show them how quickly it works," they told us.

So we thought, why not use time-lapse photography to show the whole procedure. It took the best part of a day, shooting repeated burn sequences but in the end was worth it -- we were rewarded with six images showing the thin layer of vinyl expand to thick proportions under the flame of a torch.

Among many names we suggested, Spartech chose QuickChar™ for the product name.

The time lapse sequence has been used in an Ad, in a product flier and as the major, featured graphic at SparTech's trade show booth. In the future, we plan to use the sequence as an animation on their internet site.

Spartech QuickChar™ Ad (Adobe Acrobat Format- 436Kb)
Spartech QuickChar™ Ad (JPG Format- 98Kb)
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