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    Pop-up mailer directs customers to pop-up internet calculator
Remember how much we all loved pop-up books when we were children? Well, the child inside all of us at VAMCOM & Partners decided to use what worked then now.

By mixing the pop-up brochure with some serious facts, a personalized Faxback form, and a copy of a story our PR team had placed in civic.com, we put together a direct mail package that is interesting, new, and effective.

The brochure focuses on Intellisource's Managed Technology Solution. It, and a similar ad urges prospective customers to access the intelliquote calculator at the website we designed, www.intellisourceIT.com. The calculator shows you just how much you can save by using Intellisource's fixed price program.

We also have placed rotating banner ads on key web sites to entice more traffic to the Intellisource site, and especially the calculator.

It has all worked together, and sending out mailers and e-mails every Wednesday which the sales force follows up with phone calls is something even the child inside each of us can handle.

Intellisource Banner Ad 1 (GIF Format - 10Kb)
Intellisource Banner Ad 2 (GIF Format - 15KB)
Civic.com article (Adobe Acrobat Format - 97Kb)
Intellisource pop-up brochure (Adobe Acrobat Format - 300Kb)
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