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    Always thinking of new e-marketing tools, these two just don't know how to relax.
Right now, maybe you're thinking about skipping out early this afternoon? While you're picturing the surf and the board, Larry and Wendi are surfing the web, picturing new tools to use for promotional sites and new ways for our clients to reach their customers.

They're having their summer fun with Shock Wave, Flash, HTML sales letters, e-casts and Vcalls, to name but a few.

"Our expertise in new media, combined with years of experience in traditional marketing arenas, makes VAMCOM a very exciting place to be," tells Larry Silber, our no-rest director of marketing services, in between sips of water. "You might say, it puts the wind in my sails when I tell a perspective client about how we can build a site or improve on an existing one with strategically driven electronic marketing."

So we all concur. What's the absolute latest in e-tools? "What's really hot (aside from the weather) is Vcall," adds Wendi Simmons, our total production maven. "This is a new e-service that we can offer our clients for the ultimate in telephony capabilities."

Vcall allows companies to post important phone conferences on their web sites, whereby a person can listen in live, or calls can be archived and retrieved for listening at a later date. "It's an invaluable service for national and international businesses," explains Wendi. "Some of our clients have offices all over the world. This will further open their lines of communication."

Which, at VAMCOM, is what we like to do most.
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