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    The art department keeps cool with refrigerated meat.
It may be roasting outside, but it's like a refrigerator inside VAMCOM these days. The art department is covered with ads and promotional material for Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. The hero of our advertising is a great piece of meat that we all want to take home to put on our barbecues.

The juicy-red steak is sealed in Nylon-MXD6, the compound used to make leak-proof, super-strong food packaging. The headline, Food Packaging for the Future, positions the product as providing a new level of safety and performance, perfect for almost any food and beverage application. The "smoke" from the refrigerator suggests that Nylon-MXD6 delivers exceptional barrier performance especially in cold, wet environments like food lockers and refrigerators.

What other marketing ideas have we dreamed up? How about, sending out the Nylon-MXD6 brochure to targeted chemical engineers, with a prized Kobe steak sealed and packed in dry ice! Your barbecue or ours?

NYLON-MXD6 AD (JPG Format - 133Kb)
NYLON-MXD6 AD (Adobe Acrobat Format - 318Kb)

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