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Need some protection? We'll show you where, what, and how to find it fast - on the web @ SecuritySource.net. This unique brainchild, with pages generated from databases, is quickly becoming a "do it yourself" digital repository of product catalogs for the entire security industry.

Active server pages (ASP) enables companies to load and make changes to their product catalogs themselves, whenever and as often as they choose. And best of all, every supplier and OEM can showcase catalogs on SecuritySource.net free of charge.

ASP is the next level of technology useful for efficient e-commerce sites where large amounts of data must be changed often. VAMCOM's New Media Department is up to its shirt sleeves in this de-rigor coding, which draws on compact database libraries instead of cumbersome, labor intensive html page designs.

Offering a full complement of access control, burglary, fire, and home automation equipment, ancillary services, industry news and information, SecuritySource.net is virtually a one-stop marketplace, directory and supplier site for the entire security industry.

The "many-to-many" platform keeps suppliers loading and making changes to their product catalogs regularly. Which, of course, keeps our watchful staff, David and Tracey, from snoozing through lunch hour.

They've even gotten e-fanmail already: "What a great idea. What a great site," wrote one happy e-vendor.

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