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    Virtual Networking: sending a "friendly virus."
Remember the line, "She told a friend who told a friend who told two more friends…"? We get people to do that without ever opening their mouths.

It's a form of virtual networking that can spread a good word about your business like wildfire. Through a process of electronic duplication, your potential number of mail recipients expands exponentially.

Bearing the unfortunate name of viral marketing, a new Internet tool can boost your business daily, without any daily effort whatsoever.

For example, we recently added a click-through on the home page of a web site that asks users to "Recommend this site to an associate."

Your visitor does the marketing work for you by "referring" your URL to another potential customer. As an added bonus, you get a new referral and a new e-mail contact added to your database.

Why does our experience show this to be such an effective tool? Just get inside our head and think like a marketer: people are more receptive to information that comes from friends and colleagues, rather than from an unfamiliar source.

At VAMCOM we call that Smart Marketing with Technology. You'll call it ingenious.

To learn more about other friendly e-tools, and spread the word about your company, contact Chris Marston, director of marketing services: chris@vamcom.com.
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