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Big retailers were hip to it right along. A great way to convert web site visitors to buyers. They figured out quite early in the e-commerce boom that special offer "coupons" could be customized to individual consumers. Rather than printed, stamped and mailed, these tailored messages could be sent electronically (and for less money) in the form of what is now commonly referred to as "opt-in" e-mail.

Unlike unsolicited messages, consumers agree to receive an "opt-in" e-mail because they know it will contain an offer or information to which they attach a value. The New York Times reports that Macys.com, for example, now sends 12 to 15 e-mail messages annually to each person on a customer mailing list that now numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

Five Times More Likely to Purchase

Those electronic mailing lists keep growing as more and more savvy customers visit web sites and register themselves to receive opt-in advertising. The great boom is evident in the conversion rate of visitors to buyers: Macys' customers who respond to opt-in messages are five to seven times more likely to make a purchase.

And the news gets even better. Non-retail businesses have also learned that sending press releases, product announcements, web announcements, e-zines and other targeted messages are welcomed ways to outreach, and convert, potential new customers.

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