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    Three-part marketing program for The Vision Group.
They say Americans are gadget crazy. We're about to prove them right.

Take the case of The Vision Group, with a product they make described as a multi-purpose clip-on retractor for towels, tools or keys. See demos. They marketed the product in Europe with a modicum of success. Then they tried to sell it in the States, no luck.

Where they were trying to make inroads with retailers, we advised them to shift their course altogether: Avoid the middlemen. Forget about a large sales force. Go directly to the consumer.

We began by giving the product a core identity with a brand name and logo. Easy Reach: the towel-and-tool holder that goes where you go became our theme.

We recommended short-form DRTV, direct response TV as a 30-second spot.

We shot commercials built upon the multi-functionality of the product, showing many people using it in many different circumstances. Our researcher targeted the audience identified as prime end-users. And we hired a telemarketing firm to fill orders from the selected toll-free number.

Then we built our client a secure e-commerce site specifically for Easy Reach. And we put the TV spots right on the site! Our graphics let users see the complete color line and optional towel sets while they order online. And we launched an e-campaign to promote the site.

To find out how we can get your product directly to consumers, call Chris Marston, director of marketing services, or e-mail chris@vamcom.com

Watch an Easy-Reach TV commercial in RealAudio or as a higher res MPEG file.

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