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    End Media Chaos With MegaStorage.com
Exchanging media images in the business world can often be frustrating. Because media resources exist in so many formats, a unified filing system can be difficult to devise.

The answer is MegaStorage.com, an online library which can end the anxiety caused by inconsistent records. MegaStorage.com stores your media assets and organizes material based on the individual needs of your company.

MegaStorage.com is a centralized source online to house all of your presentations, graphics, photos or any digital files. And because it's online, resources are available around the clock anywhere in the world.

MegaStorage.com works from a customized user-friendly database. Multiple search options are personalized to suit your business type so images can be located quickly and easily. Download options are customized, including high-low quality resolution and size and format.

For in-company, vendor or customer, MegaStorage.com ensures secure viewing and sharing of company data. With access permission and password authorization, data can be updated, modified, deleted, and inserted.

MegaStorage.com can even save money by eliminating manual delivery and duplication charges, and by speeding up the process of sending and receiving important records.

To arrange a MegaStorage.com service for your company, contact Chris Marston, director of sales and marketing at VAMCOM; at chris@vamcom.com
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