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    Virtual Tours - The Newest Photographic Technology
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a Virtual Tour could speak volumes about your company. Virtual Touring is one of the newest techniques in photographic technology and the hottest way to market and advertise on the Internet.

Using special photographic technology, VAMCOM can liven up your company's website with multi-dimensional images. Like being dropped into a fantasy world, viewers can navigate inside a photo with their mouse, seeing it from every angle. This is an exciting alternative to the traditional flat 2D image.

Our adventure with Virtual Touring began when a client came to us with an advertising challenge. As a manufacturing company, they wanted to emphasize the vastness of their production facility. They believed this would give them important competitive advantage. We knew regular photos wouldn't be compelling enough to really highlight their immense size.

That's when we got the idea for a Virtual Tour. Now, instead of looking at a static, single perspective photo, their customers and clients could look in every direction, and even zoom in and out to get a real feel for the length and breadth of their factory.

Using this technology, we gave our client a huge advantage over their competitors. Large testing and assembly areas are very important in their industry, and thanks to Virtual Tours, their clients and customers are sure to get the picture.

Your company is competing with billions of websites. Virtual Tours are cost effective and great attention grabbers.

Click below to see examples of Virtual Tours

Take a sample tour of one of our offices
Take a sample tour of one of our conference rooms

If you think a Virtual Tour could add some excitement to your company's website, contact Chris Marston, director of marketing services, via email at chris@vamcom.com
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