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    Web Portals - How To Get More From Them
Web portals are a great way of staying in tune with what's happening in your industry and for reaching new customers. These virtual web communities are "magnets" for people of similar interests. They can be daily resources for exchanging industry information on the internet: They're like interactive trade publications without the limitations of print...and much more!

It's smart to locate portals where your customers are likely to gather, and then to use them as strategic marketing communication tools.

Web portals are a new way to market. Convert your thinking; take advantage of the benefits they offer. Here are some ideas...

Share Information

Extend your pool of resources. Use the message centers in industry portals to participate in Q&A sessions via eMail. Your question or opinion is sent instantly to a worldwide audience interested in the same subject matter, and anxious to share what they know. It's literally like having a world of information at your fingertips!

Information Stays Current

Use portals to post press releases or new product information directly - in one easy step. Simply plug your content into the industry news section and it's available for instant viewing. Bypass tedious PR calls and mailing out media kits. Stop worrying about whether your material will actually make it to publication, and extend your audience reach immensely.


Streamline your manufacturing and distribution process and save money on overhead costs. If you are selling, make arrangements to offer your products online through portals. Your customer's online orders will be electronically sent directly to you. If you are buying, take advantage of the competitive prices from the multitude of companies selling online.

VAMCOM & Partners is a strong believer in the creation of special online business communities. As well as building websites, we also build web portals. An example is www.SecuritySource.net (S/NET), a communal marketplace built for the security and alarm industry. S/NET provides suppliers, manufacturers and the dealers they serve, with every resource they need to run a business.

VAMCOM's unique proposition is Smart Marketing with Technology® (SMT). Web portals are another innovative result of traditional marketing expertise coupled with the magic of technology.

To learn more about web portals, contact Chris Marston, director of marketing services at chris@vamcom.com
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