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Is your company's internet site lonely for visitors? Don't take it personally - some of the most interesting sites on the internet get only a small amount of hits. Most likely, it's not that people are reluctant to enter your site - they probably just don't know it's there. If your search ranking is low, your company doesn't have a chance at getting the attention you want.

It is rare for an internet user to check out companies beyond the first page brought up by their search. Achieving a high search engine ranking is crucial to getting website exposure. According to the New York Times, most users of search engines do not look beyond the first 10 or 15 returned sites.

High search ranking is not an easy feat, however. Unfortunately, you are not only competing with your own industry for this position, but also with any other organizations utilizing the same criteria. The simple submission of your company's information and keywords to the various search engines just isn't enough.

At VAMCOM & Partners, we go beyond the standard submission process by using special programming techniques. We use our marketing experience to analyze your selection of keywords and company descriptions.

This may seem like a task your company can take on itself, but it's not as easy as it sounds. There are many search engine rules. Violation can mean punishment as severe as being banned from the search engine.. Chris Tolles, director of marketing for Netscape's Open Directory said, "It (the ban) lasts forever, and we won't tell you." VAMCOM carefully puts together a custom profile, following the custom guidelines for each search engine to get your site more hits.

VAMCOM provides the advantage of being seen first. Obtaining information is more convenient than ever. The days of the card catalog are long gone. People have become spoiled by the quickness of the internet, and often become impatient after just minutes of waiting for results.

To learn more about how VAMCOM can get your company noticed online, contact Chris Marston, director of marketing services at chris@vamcom.com
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