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    Bringing TV-Style Commercials Online
Online commercials are one of the most effective methods of drawing traffic to your website. Just like a television commercial, online commercials incorporate sight, sound and motion to advertise your organization's products and services. They are sent to highly targeted audiences, via opt-in eMail.

Because people tend to open the majority of their eMail, there is automatically a high probability the commercial will be viewed. They are also self-executable so the user doesn't need to download special media software for playing.

Online marketing makes results easy to track. You can receive reports documenting the number of times a person viewed the commercial, whether they forwarded it to another person; and track access to your site from the commercial. As another option, sales people can receive reports for follow-up solicitations.

Unlike traditional TV commercials, online commercials can be played over and over again, and saved and forwarded to others. And because they are delivered through eMail, they are more efficient than many marketing tools.

VAMCOM sees online commercials as Smart Marketing with Technology® (SMT). It is a direct way to advertise; focusing specifically on the audience your company wants to reach.

Click below to see examples of eCommercials

Business to business eCommercial
(download executable file - 794KB)

Consumer eCommercial
(download executable file - 652KB)

For a demonstration of an online commercial, or for any additional information, contact Chris Marston, director of marketing services at chris@vamcom.com
For more information contact:
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