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    VAMCOM & Partners Re-vamps Company Website
VAMCOM & Partners debuted a completely new look for our own website this month, bringing the site up-to-date with the most cutting edge technology. Realizing that the best way to show off the benefits of Smart Marketing with Technology® (SMT) was to use it ourselves, our new web presence clearly establishes our position on the cusp of all the trends in new media.

Among the improvements to the site are the implementation of ASP technology and dynamically-generated web pages across the board, Flash-driven animations, up-to-the-minute news from an online service, a new super-intuitive layout, and full multimedia including user-selected digital background music in MP3 format.

The most exciting change, by far, is the conversion to Active Server Pages, or ASP. Backed by an intricate SQL database, the ASP-driven site will be capable of exhibiting the power of SMT® with ease—where global changes can be made to the contents of the site with the text of stories converted instantaneously into a fully-rendered web page in keeping with the look and feel of the site.

What this means is that the VAMCOM writing team doesn’t need to know a single thing about web design or HTML coding to put their stories up on the Internet in a stylish and professional manner. The appearance of the page is coded one time and then applied across the board—meaning less work, and greater efficiency.

No matter how far your company’s presence on the web has come, VAMCOM & Partners can take it further. SMT® isn’t just a better way of marketing, it’s a better way of doing business that will save costs and improve productivity in the long run. If you think your company ready to fully enter the Digital Age, contact us and let us create a new media marketing platform for you.
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