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    TDI Gets a World of Marketing on a Single CD
VAMCOM & Partners has long been a pioneer of Smart Marketing with Technology® (SMT). Recently, this fact was proven yet again, as TDI—a leading worldwide power solutions provider—contracted VAMCOM to create one of the most efficient and powerful new media marketing tools available today: a compact disc.

While it may look unassuming, don’t let its diminutive nature fool you—this CD is jam-packed with corporate information, 3D computer animations, streaming video, and interviews with executive staff. More importantly, it’s an interactive presentation, giving this electronic marketing platform an edge that no ordinary marketing tool can provide—control.

When a potential client places the CD in the CD-ROM drive of a PC, the machine becomes an extension of TDI’s marketing department. While the monitor displays crisp, photo-quality images, the speakers come to life with digital quality audio, whether it’s the voice of the CEO or the voice of the narrator giving an overview of TDI’s business practices and commitment to quality.

What’s more, the CD is capable of interacting with the Internet, linking the user to TDI’s website for up-to-the-minute news and fully updated company information, ensuring that the CD remains relevant for years after its creation.

The entire process of creating the CD was handled by VAMCOM, whether it was designing artwork, writing the script, or producing the finished product.

And since VAMCOM managed to put all this information on a single CD, it’s extremely portable, easy to ship, and makes a great presentation tool for TDI’s sales staff.

The bottom line is that SMT is a powerful tool that your company may be missing out on. New media is, by its nature, extremely versatile and easy to customize. If doors are being shut to your old-fashioned sales methods, why not let VAMCOM use cutting edge techniques and technology to open them up again?
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TDI Company Presentation on DVD
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