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    Website drives Samsung Camera sales to retail channel partners.
Parametric product design engine by which customers arrive at a optimal model that fits their specific needs through process of question/answer hierarchies
360 degree product view incorporating flash programming
Channel partners redirect system with product-page-to-product-page sales links from Samsung Camera site directly to authorized dealers
Samsung - digital cameras
Design of consumer site to serve as the company’s primary promotional vehicle and its online sales generating activity.
Foremost, the assignment called for creation of a quality online experience for the consumer of this global marketer by providing them with intelligent information about Samsung’s cameras.
Along with giving buyers the ability to select the camera model that best fit their needs through a parametric process, the site included e-commerce functions with sales links directed to retail channel partners.

As part of the development, VAMCOM Advertising introduced a B2B component to manage business relationships among the thousands of retail outlets that offer Samsung cameras. The site is based on our latest proprietary technology that enables the client’s own personnel to update content on-the-fly. View website: Samsung Digital Camera


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