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    How to convert your website visitors into precious customers.
The browser application behind the scene is dynamically programmed so that the details of special offers communicated through the pop-ups can be changed as necessary, on-the-fly.
NextRE - real estate brokerage
By inference, the marketing of a corporation’s online presence is for the purpose of fulfilling the company’s need for recognition and for building awareness. Given today’s readily available tools to accomplish this, be it Google ad words, search engines programs, electronic advertising, or the myriad of other options available, this goal is highly achievable. But what about the next step in the marketing process? For most companies simply attracting visitors in not enough; what they need is to convert visitors into customers.

That is precisely the case with NextRE, a full-service real estate brokerage serving Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Its website gets over 400 unique visitors per day from people who spend an average of 11 minutes on the site. Most visitors spend their time using NextRE’s robust search capabilities looking for homes-for-sale that meet their criteria. By all measurement, this is a successful first step in the marketing equation.
When the desired property is located from among the 10,000 homes served in real-time data on the NextRE website, unless the property is specifically listed as a NextRE listing, the tendency for the consumer is to reach out to the listing broker whose contact information is provided along side the details of the property. Ergo the problem: How to capture the interested parties before they leave the website and call a competitor.
Vamcom designed and developed an electronic application overlaid on the search function, so that when a consumer calls to see details of a specific property during the course of doing a homes-for-sale search, an invitation “pops-up” offering financial benefits if the property is handled through a NextRE Associate.
The Results: The marketing application is converting 1.5% of the daily visitors into customers…business that were traditionally lost to other real estate brokers. In financial terms, this activity translates into approximately $9 million in gross real estate property sales per week.


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