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    Launch of redesigned website that incorporates each of the Group’s 50 Operating Companies as micro websites in their own right.
Typical of Microsites, Coca Cola's is managed is managed by it's own staff.
News is managed directly by the Operating Companies that own the Microsite.
The Group's Global Offices annimation links to the Microsite of each office.
The Olayan Group - diversified financial services & manufacturing
In conjunction with the enterprise's 62nd anniversary, redesign the company’s primary global information vehicle and that of its approximately 50 operation companies.
The creation of a highly animated site with state of the art user interface that serves the e-commerce strategic needs of the enterprise's 50-odd operating company “microsites” at the same time.
Developed a series of microsites for the Group’s Operating Companies that are essentially websites in their own right, featuring their own Overview, Current News, Management, Contact Info, and Employment pages within the larger website, and each updatable by the individual company’s management. User access to individual microsites can be achieved directly through their unique internet address.

Besides the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology behind the scenes for advanced user interface and more facile maintenance by Olayan staff directly, the site has a new look and feel to reflect the enterprise’s focus on product distribution, manufacturing, services and investment.


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