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Services & Capabilities

Vamcom utilizes its proprietary approach – Smart Marketing with Technology – to give our client companies viable advantage with every audience in every medium. SMT employs new ways to coalesce the best of the digital age and the best of classical marketing communications strategies and tools. The combination provides powerful results.

What We Do

Fully Integrated Programs

Marketing works best when it is carefully and strategically integrated. Planning ahead for cross platform exchange is an important integration step. So is the development of a theme that works in all media, and scheduling rollouts according to the time demands of each media. SMT ensures integrated marketing success by planning a campaign with the big picture in mind, and then digitally creating all files – from 10,000-page catalogs to 4 KB banner ads – for seamless job trafficking through the entire campaign.

Fast Implementation

Digital communications techniques have revolutionized the turnaround time for marketing outreach at every phase: planning, production, and deployment. Think of a sales idea in the morning, and it’s possible to have it speeding to market through the internet by the afternoon. Vamcom leverages the latest technology to ensure your campaigns get to market in the shortest amount of time possible.

Measurable Results

eMarketing generates immediate feedback via email and the client’s website. Rapid response translates into faster results monitoring and a faster, more effective sales and marketing process. With SMT, Vamcom enables “on-the-fly” adjustments to marketing programs for optimal success by taking full advantage of eMarketing’s capabilities.

High Impact, Cost Effective

SMT integrated marketing programs provide greater impact because the message is targeted, strategic, and consistent across all channels. Our integrated programs also mean greater savings because the communications messages and materials are recycling across all media, under a single creative umbrella.